Brave slow and stuttery on Android

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Description of the issue:

I’ve been using Brave for a year or two on Android devices, first a Samsung S10 and now a Oneplus 9 5g.

For the last few days I’m experiencing slowness and stuttering on web sites I’m visiting. Not video playback, just general page rendering. Never seen this before.

Sometimes input fields are slow to gain focus (2-5 second delays). Sometimes clicks don’t register or register on the wrong link. Sometimes pages are slow to finish loading (become interactive).

My internet connection is good (xfinity, wifi, 50 megabit). I’ve tried a few sites in Chrome and it doesn’t suffer from these issues.

Brave version: 1.37.112 stable (not beta)

Android version: 12, hasn’t updated recently

Phone: Oneplus 9 5g, Qualcomm 888, 12 gb RAM, 256 gb storage, just a few apps installed, definitely not overloaded

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Try - the search input field up top is slow to respond to typing

  2. Try - do a search - scrolling is very slow, clicking on job items often goes to wrong one

  3. Try Amazon - clicking on suggested products is often unresponsive or goes to wrong link

I’ve tried clearing the app’s cache, no difference.

I’ve not tried clearing the data yet as that would require me to configure sync again.


Having similar problems on my Samsung s5e tablet.

Brave version 1.37.112

Android version 11

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Same problem on my pixel 5, no problem with other browser such as Firefox but extremely slow under Brave with terrible jerks when loading pages (example…

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For me, the issue magically went away in 1.37.116

Came here for this. The update marked April 1 is where this all started for me. it got so bad I had to switch to using Chrome. A couple of weeks later and another update seemed to resolve the problem and I went back to using Brave again. Unfortunately though, the latest update, 1.38.109, seems to have reintroduced it.

From what I can tell any* HTTP request is getting stalled for some reason.

@EnsignR ,

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