Social Media Side Bar Like Opera GX Browser

I am using brave browser for a long time. It would really nice to have this bar, or an option to add social media side bar just like Opera GX Browser.

This is a good suggestion, hope it gets implemented.

But this should be off by default since it would confuse the Regular userbase and must be toggleable.


I would think the more you implement social media into the browser the less “private” it will be.

No, I mean its not going to integrate, but like a bookmark on the side bar to easily access this websites… in a fashionable way. just like what the opera GX did

You can add icons/bookmark links to the side, but in my opinion integration with social networks is just gets bloated more bloated. (also privacy issues).

It could possibly be limited to web chat apps such as the following:

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • etc

Plus, the option can be optional for the user, so it’s up to them whether to add a sidebar for a chat app.

For me personally, if this is implemented. I can finally let go of the official WhatsApp desktop and PWA app of Google Chat and just put it on the sidebar, as it’s more integrated and more useful for quick checking messages and replying.