Brave should pritorize getting extensions on android instead MV2 compatibility

As the title said, brave team should prioritize getting extensions on android like kiwi browser, firefox (yandex seems to have them too).

MV2 has been extended till Jan 2024. Until then extensions based on MV2 will keep on working. After Jan 2024, brave instead of trying to court ‘pro MV2’ like users of Ublock origin should instead try to make extensions available on android.

Brave shields is already on par with UBO, about 90% (still 10% remaining). Brave will surely achieve the rest 10% by Jan 2024.

In a hypothetical scenario, if brave android gets extension support, the android userbase from 20 million will jump straight to 100 Million within few months.
If we compare it with brave efforts to support for MV2, only handful of users will jump ship from other chromium browser like chrome to brave.

In my opinion, brave should not focus on MV2 but on other stuff be it even so called ‘Rewards 3.0’ upgrade.

Just my two cents.

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