Brave shield dark theme


brave shield doesn’t support dark mode in nightly ?

after 10 min of search in the setting i didn’t find it…



what version are you running?
the UI seems like it’s not the current version.
If you switch the browser to dark mode on the current version, it applies to shields as well.



i’m in nightly 0.64.8 , and of course i have my browser in dark mode



Sorry lol, forget what I said, I didn’t get that Nightly is an even earlier version than Dev. I only knew about Dev, Beta and official release.
Might install now, though^^

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That’s the beauty of nightly, right?
We’re currently working on implementing an API call to grab user prefs and change the Shields colors accordingly. More on this as it becomes available.



of course i know that nightly means instability.
I’m just reporting what goes wrong to fix it :slight_smile:
can’t wait to see new nightly features !

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