Dark mode bug on brave 0.68.2

dark mode isn’t working anymore on the lastest nightly build : tab and search bar are still dark but settings and menu aren’t anymore…

0.68.6 still dark mode bug

note : nightly forum has a haaaaaaaard lack of responses to our question and bug report ;(
this is sad, i hope some brave dev people will look after this forum and respond to our question more often…

I think that you need to tag them so they can see the message

@Mattches problem still not resolve after 4/5 updates

Thank you for reporting.
Please remember that bugs and crashes are to be expected in Nightly builds.
I will inform the team of the issue.

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2 weeks from now and still dark mode isn’t working
Very surprised 'cause this feature was on and well working 3 weeks ago !! why go back to this feature which is a must have today…

it would be nice if we could have a changelog after every update (like vivaldi has for exemple).

We’re working on getting an auto-updater for release versions/notes on Community for release build – not sure if we’ll include Nightly changes in this however. Running change log can be seen here: