Brave search exclude terms not excluded

When I use the minus sign to exclude certain terms in my search, it does not exclude them. The image shows a Brave search where I used -crossword to exclude all entries with the word crossword. You can see that it did NOT exclude them.
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This is known problem, search engine operators do not work on brave search.

Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not, as far as I know.

The search team knows about it and will make sure to bring this requested feature in few months (probably by August).


Any idea where this enhancement is in the development process?

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As of today operators (at least “-” exclude) appears to be working when searching under “All” but does not appear to work for any other tab (Images, News, Videos). Curious how search operators have not been a critical component of Brave search since when? Forever? Re-thinking my Brave advocacy as this simply seems insane to me. Can someone please, for my ignorance, explain how what seems like such a basic component of a major search engine isn’t working?

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As of today this STILL doesn’t work. I tried to search for 6 pocket accordian folder excluding amazon (because Amazon is a malignant tumor)

-amazon 6 pocket accordian folder

everything that came up had Amazon

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