Can we no longer use search commands?

I was trying to use the most common command the “-” minus command to remove unwanted search results but it wouldn’t let me.
If you type -truck -trucks into your search and you still have results full of exactly those keywords your search engine is useless and I will find another one.

@Dissolve sorry for the delay here. Is this still an issue for you? I’ve just tried out a couple and they have been working for me.

The minus sign “-” fails to work for me too, to omit results.

Hello @Native917, sorry to hear that. Seems to be working on my end, Could you please share a screenshot about those results using that command. We will be waiting for your reply, thanks in advance.

Here are some screen shots. I am using Brave browser and search on Android Pixel 6.

The search was “author harper -lee” (without quotes). The first screen shot displays numerous hits for the famous author Harper Lee. The other screen shots show that with a lot of scrolling you can finally find other authors with a first or last name of Harper. I was hoping to to get search results that omitted the many Harper Lee results.

Hello again @Native917, it works better if you are searching a specific thing and you want to avoid another one. Besides, in order to get better results you should enter the search command - before the whole word you want to omit. Regards.

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