Brave search engine issue

"I am having trouble finding my website,, using the Brave search engine. What could be the cause of this issue?

Hello @William498, thank you for bringing this to our attention. What kind of device and OS do you use? Are you getting any specific message or error code while trying to reach this website? Have you checked the website is still available using a different browser or search engine? Let us know this information so we can further investigate.


@Jarc-1107 I think they were talking about Brave Search, the website/search engine. They just were saying their website wasn’t showing up in Search results.

@William498 Brave Search is new and it will show results as people find them. If your website is small and doesn’t get much traffic, it might not appear much in the algorithm. Results always change and are updated. I’m not sure which words or anything you were using when trying to find your website in Brave Search. What I can tell is at least by looking for your site in particular, it did show as the top result.

If you want to learn more about how Search works, you may want to check out the article below which discusses the Web Discovery Project, which is how everything is being compiled.

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