Brave Scamming me for the BAT I received through Tips and not Grants

I have received tips in my Brave Publishers account from users all over as I had migrated many people to use Brave, None of those people received and Grants and I did not receive any referral bonus since all this happened long after Brave had stopped rewarding users any bonus or grants for referrals, now I also run many social media accounts and sites and I received tips through these to my Publishers account but first Brave did not pay those tips for 2 months and then suddenly they suspended the tips in my account, My account is not suspended but the tips I received are suspended, Brave please look into it and verify that I have not received any Grants or bonus and just have received tips from users and pay me the BAT I am to receive.

@steeven @mattches . . . . . . . . .

@tapa can you DM me the email linked to your Creator account. Thank you.