Brave Rewards will not work for my devices in my sync chain

Hello there,

I never received any rewards but through my macbook, neither through my iPad nor through my iPhone, even though both are in my sync chain list. I don’t get it. I do not use a VPN. I did everything correct by following the procedure. On my macbook I can see only 1 single BAT rewards. For September I received 0.25 BAT :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: even though I’m using the Brave Browser the whole day on all my devices. I changed the setting of how many adds I wanna have displayed to the maximum of 10. Makes no difference! Help would be great. I started the sync chain on February this year.
Thanks in advance. Greets Frank

Hey, Brave has stopped rewards for iOS. It’s because Brave complies with the new guidelines put forth by Apple.
Apple hasn’t said anything about rewards on MacOs so it’s probably working.

Check the page above for detailed info

Its actually more like, number of ads you ‘can’ get per hour, compared to, number of ads you ‘will’ get. I hope that’s easy for you to figure out!

Wow… that was quick. Thanks a lot Sir. I haven’t heard anything about that topic, so many thanks for that. Any updates on when the new iOS version will be released? I guess it’s for all the devices of Apple, isn’t it? like padOS as well…

It’s been pushed already, mate. That’s the reason for you not receiving ads. Well if you’re asking about when they will enable ads again, that’s something which maybe Noone knows. They simply can’t till Apple changes the guidelines or something

As of now, it’s not affecting the MacOS. They’ve just stopped them on iOS

Thank you very much. Wouldn’t want to get rewards when I’m not online looking at the ads, of course. The statement was more about the fact that I increased to 10, they were also displayed, but there were still no rewards. Nevertheless, thanks for the tip, is still important to understand.

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of course… many thanks for your time. You were really helpful!

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