Brave Rewards verification has stopped working

So I’m in N.Y. and I’m using Brave 1.45.118 on Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS. A lot of the time, my wallet, meant to be verified with Gemini, constantly needs to be re-verified as I continue to use Brave. Recently however, this has stopped working altogether, and as a result of it, I cannot do things such as access my BAT Rewards, nor view my statements, nor can I even access my wallet payment ID at brave://rewards-internals/. Any help remedying this would be much appreciated.

Note: I am not using a VPN.

Any errors being received ?

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How so? It really helps if you explain what you’re seeing (or not seeing).

Does it say wallet not created? Just blank? What are you seeing there?

Never heard of this so did a quick search, another Linux, right? Just to be clear, you’re not using a VM, are you?

None so far.

On the rewards page, it simply says unverified. When I try to press the button for that, nothing happens. The buttons to add funds and view statements don’t work either. And at the rewards summary, the BATs shown as ad rewards and tips are all shown to be 0, even though I have been receiving ads. Also, whenever I restart the browser and I’m asked to link my rewards to Uphold or Gemini (I use the latter.), when I click the button to choose Gemini, nothing happens there either.

It says nothing about the wallet. It does have the rewards info (to which it says “Rewards profile not yet created”), the balance info, which shows a balance of 0 BAT, and the custodial account connection info, which says not connected.

That is correct. And no, I’m not using a VM.

Happened to me before, Your account has been flagged. Put up a support ticket. Brave has one of the worse payout system. Everyone I know who uses brave have their account flagged at least multiple times for doing nothing wrong.

@rusher I’m trying to remember reasons why people have had similar issues in the past. I know in some cases, it’s because the browser hadn’t been updated. However, wouldn’t be the case with you. There have been circumstances like @J_Joe mentioned but usually it’s unlikely, as there’s a particular message that shows when you’re flagged.

That said, just this past month it also was said to be an intermittent issue, at least on Android. You can see that at

Overall, will see if @SaltyBanana and @Evan123 might be able to assist.

Usually I’d tell you to go create a Rewards Support Ticket but if it’s not showing you a Wallet Payment ID, then you’d not have that info to provide. You could do a Browser Support Ticket perhaps, just to have something in. But hoping by tagging them, they’ll be able to reach out with ideas that I’m not thinking about.

I got flagged a few time myself.

  • I always have the latest version of BRAVE
  • I don’t us VPN
  • I don’t use any bots
  • I don’t use any program to cheat and earn more BAT
  • I live in the US
  • I only have one BAT account
  • I Use same IP and use BRAVE on my PC and Mobile at home only
  • I Never altered any Brave files
  • I have a verified Gemini account and is connected to Brave
  • I’m not doing anything that Flags my Gemini account. I only have a few Matic and a few BAT there. I don’t use the account for anything other than receiving BAT rewards.

The only thing I do is open Brave, do Google searches and visit websites. Nothing else.

Last month, my account was flagged AGAIN. So I reported it, and was told they fixed it and unflagged me so I should be getting my reward for this month as well as last month’s. Well, as of now, I don’t see the claim button, so I’m just going to wait a few more days to see if they send me the reward this time, or got flagged AGAIN.

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