Brave rewards reduced

I had about 0.095 of BAT it reduced to 0.035 suddenly… I don’t understand what’s this?

Server issue Re-start your browser or wait some hr then check your balance

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Why isn’t something done about this? I have had constant problems with this and it continues every day. I’ve tried reinstalling Brave, that did nothing. Two days ago, I had 1.24 in rewards amount, it’s gone down instead of up continously. This morning it had gone down to .97, now it’s at .84. I have looked and looked for answers and see none.

Oh they already fixed this apparently in version 1.24.85

Not here. I still have rewards numbers resetting all the time. It happens several times a day every day. Three days ago, I had nearly 2 US$ in rewards. Before the day ended, it had reset to 1.70 something. It slowly crawled back up to 1.90 something then reset again and now it’s 1.60 something. I never see any progress because it alway resets itself to a lower number. I don’t understand why I’m getting NO support from Brave whatsoever on this issue. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY I’M GETTING NO SUPPORT FROM BRAVE ON THIS ISSUE.

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