Brave Rewards now doesn't accept my region here in Greece

Until now I was able to login with Gemini and get my Brave rewards.

Now I got the attached error.

Can anyone help me?

Unfortunately there is not so much you can do at the moment.
I hope you still have access to your Gemini account and able to withdraw your BAT.

You have two alternatives now: keep accumulating BAT in your browser until your region is supported; or trying to open an Uphold account.

Please check the latest updates on the supported regions. These lists are updated frequently.

Good news is that Brave keeps working to offer more wallet alternatives. I hope they will come with an announcement soon.

So, is that issue on Brave towards Gemini, right?

It’s actually Gemini and Uphold now.

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

This is not true. Balances always “vanish” while payouts process. Then you claim your BAT and it appears. If you had been connected prior, it may try to send to your Uphold or Gemini account. If it has you as Unverified then you’ll end up with a Claim button.

Keep in mind payments begin processing on the 8th of each month and can take a couple weeks to complete. You can track the status of payout either at Ads Payout Status Update or by checking the banner on top of

If payments complete and you have not received your BAT, then you’ll need to open a Support Ticket by completing the form at

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Well, Gemini states that they still support countries that i saw on Brave’s forum stated as not supported. So, is there any real explanation what happened?!

Because so far we didn’t had any issues, all of a sudden Brave comes up saying that when you try using specific wallets to get your BAT is not supported anymore without any real explanation, am i right?

Yeah, you didn’t read. Pay attention to the forum and look at your own question.

In consultation with the team at Gemini, linking/verifying (or re-linking) Brave Rewards with a Gemini account is restricted only to the following supported countries of registration,

That doesn’t say Gemini is no longer allowing accounts or stopped supporting your country, does it? It says you can’t link Brave Rewards to countries other than those listed. Yet you’re here arguing about something else entirely.

Depends how you want to take it. They have given an explanation and I’ve shared that. Yet I will agree they have been evasive, not getting into specifics. Their “official answer” is seen at Psa: updates from brave call where you can click on the YouTube link to listen or to see the summaries of different areas. Answer to your question is quoted as:

We’ve moved fast in trying to get BAT to everyone and make ourselves available in as many regions as possible. Unfortunately each government has different restrictions and we’ve encountered some pushback from that in different countries. For example, each country has different requirements for KYC/AML among other things that weren’t being met by current standards, so those regions had to be put on hold while this gets resolved.

We really want India and other countries to be able to be Verified and are working behind the scenes to do everything we need. We hope to get this resolved ASAP but there’s no timeline.

So yeah, what’s the direct answer? Did they screw up paperwork and get in trouble by governments? Is it because of fraud, such as we saw with some countries at Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability? Is it because of sanctions like we saw with Russia and Venezuela?

There could be a million things on so many ends. All that matters is they said you’re going to wait because Brave Rewards can’t be linked in your area. That’s it. They have said it’s temporary and they are trying to figure things out on getting back, but no idea of how long it will take. This means you just can be patient. Complaining and arguing won’t bring it back faster.

Damn man, thanks for all that info, i’m not arguing or something, but i do try to understand what pushed the Brave team taking those actions.

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Understood. I’ve had some people share the same things as you but they did it in an argumentative way and rambled about the things they expected Brave to do. Some said then Brave NEEDS to use Brave Wallet. Had some who said Brave should just send checks to them instead then. All sorts of things, sometimes with horrible attitudes.

Btw, not sure if you’re aware, but Brave does a Community Call each week where they talk about issues. I linked to where I talked about one. The last one I advised a lot of people to listen to as they covered a lot of ongoing issues. If you have time, try to drop by the most recent one, which you can see at

There’s some useful info.

Good to know that! Thanks again. It seems that my way to go is just patiently waiting, since both Uphold and Gemini can’t be used in Greece for such verification anymore so, ill keep an eye on future announcements

Doesnt make any sense. I m still able to take rewards on my android but not on pc. 3 months ago i veryfied at gemini normal and also took 1 bat. But now i cant log in. It sais unveryfied. I live in Greece.

It makes plenty of sense if you’d look at what’s been linked. Brave had issues that needed to get resolved so they cut off the ability to link to Uphold or Gemini for all but 19 countries where things were working well. This meant only NEW connections. If you were already linked to Uphold or Gemini, then you still received payments there. However, once you became disconnected, you’d not be able to link again until things were resolved.

You would be earning BAT on both. But you’d only be getting perhaps one of them on Gemini, as the other wasn’t connected.

If you mean you had 1 BAT taken, you probably have Auto-Contribute turned on. Make sure to go to brave://rewards and look to see if it’s toggled on. If so, it’ll continue taking 1 BAT a month.

Which means it disconnected. And as said, right now regions have been disallowed to connect to Uphold or Gemini until issues are resolved. They are slowly bringing them back. Such as they just added France again today.

Try to go read:

OK, so if somehow on my android the wallet disconect from uphold i wont be able to login again. Thanks.

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At least not until they add Greece again. We’re likely looking at a few months before that happens. Also to let you know, it WILL definitely become disconnected again. Usually its within about a 90 day timeframe that it would automatically log out and make you reconnect. This was a security feature within the browser.

So whether it automatically disconnects or you disconnect it, once it happens, you’ll be waiting for the region to be added again. When disconnected, you’ll still earn BAT and it will be claimed & stored in your browser. You just can’t move it to Uphold, Gemini, or elsewhere until they can fix it or add other options.

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