I not recevied my BAT coins of march

Dear Sir
I did not receive my BAT coins for the march. But In brave Ads payout status is
showing the Verified Uphold wallets is payment complete but I did not receive the full payment Sir
Please help on this Sir and please reply to me as soon as possible
Thank you sir


same I sent them my ID and stuff and they did nothing not even a response

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What can we can do now :thinking:

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The team is actively investigating a known issue.


Dear Sir
Please do as soon as possible
Thank for your help

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Can one please help on this issue @steeven

i guess showing Uphold payments as complete in your status post is confusing most people into thinking that you think there are no more problems with uphold payments. So changing that status into what is really going on could help avoid confusion don’t you think?

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Can you please help on this issue @Mattches

I just received 0.85 bat on last month. But my last payout is 4.2 bats coins

I sent my id too and not answers. I’m not even receiving any ads now, for the whole month of April. Absurd. I even stopped using the browser for few days to see if that was the problem, but nothing, still not seeing any ads. I’ll probably go back to standard google chrome if it persist.

Any one can help me on this total issue on this topic please :pray: @steeven @Mattches

i am also facing the same problem , i didnt get my april payout yet and i am not recieving ads rewards . it says you do not have enough unblinded tokens @steeven @Mattches

Daer Sir @steeven @Mattches
Any can help me on this issue, please. I did not receive my BAT coins of march for verified uphold account
Please, Sir @steeven @mattches

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I have Gemini and still did not receive any payment. Plus I’m not seeing any ads on any of my devices. lol

I haven received april payout. can you check please?

I havent received my april payout yet . I have verified my wallet with gemini . I have dm’ed you

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