Brave Rewards not connecting Uphold account

I’m signing in using the “Verify Wallet” option within the Brave Rewards tab next to the search bar. I sign into my uphold, go through F2A and email verification, however the Uphold email verification link brings me to their main page, and doesn’t connect my account to the Brave browser. What should I do about this? I have reset my PC lots recently, so I’ve been needing to sign in lots.

On the topic, is there any way to reset all the devices Brave/Uphold has connected to for Brave Rewards?

I think you need to disable the Brave shields in the login page that open while trying to verify the wallet.

if I’m understanding this question right, my answer currently is no, and it doesn’t seem to be added anytime soon

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I did need to disable Brave shields, thank you very much.

On the topic of disconnecting devices, once I’m signed in I get this message. However, right after closing this dialog I get this saying that my wallet is verified. Given these messages, I’ll still get my BAT for using Brave and such correct?

If this is your 4th wallet linked then you should receive your rewards in the stipulated times.

I’m not completely sure because I haven’t reached the limit myself, so my experience in this particular case is very limited

it’s work, thank you very much.

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