How to link multiple brave rewards with one uphold account

Hey, I want to know how to link my uphold account to two brave browsers.
One is in my laptop.
And another account is my friend’s in her laptop.

You would simply just sign in to the Uphold on the new device no? Like I have 2 PC, 1 laptop and 1 mobil connected. But be warned you are only allowed a max 4 lifetime device limit at the moment due to Uphold policies. So choose wisely if you want to connect to your friend’s laptop. Anything they do, uninstall, reformat etc could ruin this device allotment for you.


She did the same but still it is showing wallet not verified.
She can see my uphold dashboard after logging in through rewards

@vsvarapriya you have to disable brave shields on the login page that appears when trying to verify the wallet

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