Brave rewards not available in my region but it's supported

Hi, like the title says i can’t enable brave ads and it says that my region isnt supported (Spain). But a few months ago was working perfectly’and in my phone is actually working.

I have another problem too, there are like 7 BAT that I haven’t received in my uphold yet from a few month ago too, maybe this is related to the first problem?

Hi @pollopez, payout process is happening right now. You can watch the progress here:

Read the post and check you have the latest version browser. If you still have issues after the process completes, follow the instructions in that post.

Also, there is an issue with Uphold currently and it is being worked on:

Have another look at your region stats:

You can also check you have the best settings for benefitting from Brave Ads…

For a better understanding on Brave Ads (all OS):

Troubleshooting notification settings on Win10:

And more troubleshooting tips (all OS):

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First of all, thank you for you clear answer. But those BATs that im not receiveng are from December/January. I did every fix and every setting I found related to the problem, includiong updating Brave, but it stills there.
In the other hand i can’t see ads and i can’t enable brave ads:
I dont know why this is happening cause a few months ago i could enable it.

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Hi @pollopez, you’re welcome.

Unfortunately, there are others having similar experience as you, but I believe the goal and hope is that when this payout process completes, BAT payments will be (mostly) caught up - as long as there aren’t other reasons for not receiving.

Support will assist when they can if the problem exists after the process, too. So it’s important you keep an eye on the payout status (and Uphold bug) and watch for any updated news, check what you have when it finishes, and follow the instructions if you’re still having these issues.

I hope it will be smooth for you, though. :crossed_fingers:

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