BATs not being tracked properly

I have just updated my Android brave to v1.21.76. I think there is funny behaviour with the recordkeeping of BATs on the browser. I snapshotted the browser rewards page twice within 10 minutes of each other, and both show different BAT balances. How is this even possible to have seen 99 ads but only receive .235 BAT???

Today I found most of my BATs are now missing but the number of views is still consistent. Where has my BATs gone??? This is a serious problem!

Brave Version: 1.21.76
OS: Android 10

I’ve just got my BATs back mysteriously tonight. No Android updates, no browser updates, it just re-appeared. Rewards-internals page is indicating my wallet is back, whereas earlier today it was showing that it wasnt created. Dev team really ought to look into this - it must be affecting huge number of android users.

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