Brave Reward disappear partially

Yesterday 2021-12-19, I have around 0.514 BAT Reward but today morning 2021-12-20, part of it is missing and only left around 0.322 BAT

update: After my posting on 2021-12-20 (2days ago), where my BAT has partially disappeared from a balance of 0.514 to 0.322 BAT. I got them back around 40 minutes later (Not sure i got all of them back, as i was surfing and may have added some along the way). BUT today, 2021-12-22, when I open my BRAVE reward, i snapshot a balance of 0.749 and within 2 minutes, I took another snapshot and it is down to 0.709. My rewards seems to fluctuate within the BRAVE wallet.

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