"Brave Rewards is not available in your region"

Hi ,same issue in Ireland

I have the same problem.

Could you further elaborate your issue? Ireland is in a supported region to receive Brave Rewards and connect a custodial account. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/6539887971469

Could you clarify which region you are based in and if you are seeing a message that indicates you are unable to use Brave Rewards?

Armenia. The message says that Brave Rewards is not available in my region.

yes, yesterday everything was fine, but today i have a massege :‘Brave Rewards is not available’

January payments will go through January, sir. Could you fly away from this topic sir? As you can see, the discussion here is quite different, sir.

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Hello. May I ask for your telegram?! I have a question of a personal nature, it will not be possible to discuss it here.

same issue with Turkey region. It was all good yesterday but now rewards are not available from PC (phone ones are still fine)

Hello! I have same problem. And I saw the list of Unsupported Regions: North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran and Russia. But I’m in Ukraine, Mykolaivska oblast. Can you explain the reason? Or Brave emloyee consider my region as russia? I think, I deserve some explenations.

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I think in this way the developers came up with a way to get rid of unnecessary thoughts such as how to withdraw earned coins to people who live in countries where custodial wallets do not work. What’s the point of having these coins in your browser?! Yesterday Russia was not on the list of unsupported countries, today the list has changed and I think this is not yet a complete list. Instead of adding a wallet service that would support all countries of the world, the developers came up with a method that is beneficial to privileged countries.

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Soon Ukraine and Azerbaijan will be on this list, and other countries, too, in which Gemini and Uphold support wallets do not provide services. Maybe I’m wrong, this is just my guess.

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Except we’re having this issue in countries that ARE supported by Uphold (Estonia in my instance), so it’s way more likely that it’s just a bug in the newest version of the browser

I have this problem in Belarus

same problem, Slovakia. Thinking about moving back to Chrome, no need to use Brave anymore


Do it as soon as possible

Fixed the issue for myself by changing “Regional format” from “Russian” to “English (UK)” in my OS. Settings -> Time & Language -> Region

Hopefully this will be a learning experience for the devs on how OS locale does not necessary equal country of residence


Keep in mind if you’re Unverified then all they have to go by is your Locale and IP address. Those two generally need to match. Both can be changed or faked as well. So it definitely can be tricky. It’s part of why Brave is pulling away from how they have been doing things and just will be sticking to the idea of everyong having to be Verified in order to earn. From that point, they will know the country is what you Verified with.

Still some tweaks to come on that as well, such as choosing and changing country. But it’s all one little step at a time.

Understandable, yes. However, I am verified with Uphold, so in my case they potentially had all the info they needed to check my location. So it’s still a bit of an embarrassing screw-up.


Just marked a solution based on understanding. For those who didn’t notice, it seems that this message comes up based on your device Locale. If you’re using region, such as Russia, then you’ll not be able to participate in Rewards. Some of the countries is listed at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/9053832354957-Unavailable-jurisdictions-Brave-Rewards-is-not-available-in-your-region- but keep in mind the key phrase, are not limited to which means additional countries can be affected even though not on the list.

Anyone else having issues should likely create a Rewards Support Ticket and/or create your own topic here.

Possible solution offered. Also OP issue moved over to DM via SaltyBanana