Unavailable jurisdictions: "Brave Rewards is not available in your region"

hi, i got this page about my Brave Rewards

I am not from following countries:

  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Russia
    i from Israel. please, need fix
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I am not in any of the listed countries. I live in Israel

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You didn’t read the link. The link tells you what else to look at. For you to be talking about whether you’re in the country and not responding to the rest of what it says…

Thanks, I followed your link, but there is no advice on how to fix the error. my country is Israel, and they tell me that I am one of those 5 sanctioned countries

@alex_p71 Reading is very important. If you followed the link, you would see:

If you don’t live in one of those countries but still see this message, you will need to check all your device settings. Most likely, you have your country, region, regional format, or something of the sort set to a country that is on the list. Until that is changed, you’ll not be able to access Rewards.

Also for me! My country is Uzbekistan, but the rewards are not available! Why is such an incomplete algorithm used? Yes, my OS contains Russian lang, but I’m not from Russia. Or do you think that everyone using the Russian keyboard layout lives in Russia?

Not to my knowledge. What has though is the Country and Regional Format. Those are the two I’ve confirmed as issues. That’s because they fall under Region, so you’re kind of selecting your Region when you put it for something. Language is in its own section with nothing to do with region.

The exception might be on something like Android, because you choose your Locale the same time you choose your language. For example, English-IN is India for country and English as language. Then English-US is US for country, English-GB is Britain, etc.

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