Brave Rewards not available in my region (but I live in a country where they actually are available)

Hi, there. I started using Brave browser in September 2020. After a few months, I stopped using it and last week, when I came back, suddenly Brave Rewards weren’t available in my region though I’ve been collecting them since september. I tried reinstalling the browser, I checked other posts about the same issue and none of the solutions worked (some of them were to check my computer’s region and also if notifications from the apps installed were allowed). I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thank you all in advance!

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if you create a new profile it give you the same error?

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Yes, I’ve just tried that and the message is the same. I’ve also checked what version of the browser I’m using and it is the latest.

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The exact same thing happens to me, I live in Argentina too

@afsa @agus_locar that happened to me once but it resolved after reinstalling…

maybe you are using a vpn?

also, I found this thread maybe it help you

No, I am not using a VPN, I’ve never used any. Also, I’ve been on the same location ever since I downloaded the browser and I also tried reinstalling it but there is no use :frowning:

My computer uses windows as it’s OS.

… Download a new installer from de official site, uninstall your current installation completely, the user data is saved in the C:\users\"your-user"\AppData\local\ delete the brave folder, if you use ccleaner or a similar program, clean the register and then try reinstalling brave. I don’t guarantee that this will solve the problem but is worth trying.

I tried this and it’s no use, but thank you though, I appreciate the help!

sorry to hear that, unfortunately I’ve ran out of ideas

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