Why i cant use rewards

i live in estonia and wanted to use brave rewards but it says not available in your region although estonia is in the list of countries that can use rewards

You can’t earn since your from a region not listed at

So therefore you’re not eligible to earn according to new changes to brave rewards

look in the list 18 country he is supported

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You can’t count?
It’s 53

@SmartyAadi you may need to take a break. Been getting snappy/rude in some replies. And in some cases, like this one, you’re wrong in what you’re saying.

As to what OP shared, Estonia is on the list of countries that can connect. 18th on the list.


@vermoon can you share exactly which message you’re getting? If it’s Rewards are not available in your area then it’s likely because you operating system has Russia/Russian for something such as your Country or Regional Format.

I just want to make sure which message you’re seeing so can answer you best.

then what i need do to active brave rewards ?

Sorry, Brave Rewards is not available
It looks like Brave Rewards is not available in your region.

Probably something in Your Locale suggests that youre from a country not listed. Also you did choose Estonia as region in the choose region prompt, right ?

If the issue is from the locale, you can try the steps at above.

If you chose a region not Estonia, then you can check if this is the case by going to brave://rewards-internals → General info tab → Rewards country:
Tell us what it shows.

Ok, yes. It seems like the one I linked, if you clicked on it. Change your operating system settings away from Russia or Russian. Some say have to change language, but I don’t know if that’s true.

I assume you did select Estonia as your country when you chose it in the browser, right?

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