Brave Rewards in the Philippines

When they will provide alternative wallets that support our country? It’s been like 4 years since I saw the last post about this wallets. We are earning rewards for years but we can’t touch it or withdraw it. This Reward feature is kinda useless for other countries like us here in the Philippines.

I mean we can use it for supporting brave creators, But how about us earning it? Right? Very unfair right? that we are able to donate them but we can’t take them.

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No one knows. Its has been this for quite a few regions now. India is one of them. They are working with new partners / existing to bring regions back.
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It has been a year. Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

Correct. So as of the update that will be releasing this month, you’ll no longer be able to earn BAT by participating in Rewards. Only those with accounts in supported countries will be able to earn BAT. So you’ll not have this as a concern.

No, not unfair at all. The premise of Brave was that they block ads from websites and gave Creators as way to support sites. We were to use the earnings we got to tip Creators that we wished to support. This would give full control over support to the User and would help get rid of trackers and ads on websites. Instead, lots of people committed fraud and also been trying to use it like this is a way for a secondary income. This isn’t meant to be a livelihood or anything.

And if you didn’t like that, you always had the option to turn off Brave Ads (Rewards) and not earn anything. But you’d still have all the bells and whistles from the browser.

As to when or if Philippines will ever be supported, it’s hard to say. Brave has a new partner they are finalizing agreements with. Maybe they’ll support it? We can only wait to see.

:clown_face: Got flagged hahahah

Mukhang magiging Mr beast tayo dahil mapipilitan tayong I donate nalang Yung vBAT bago nila burahin sa April hahah

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True nag invest pa naman ako ng time with Brave browser because of this, Kung ganun din I am going back using Edge browser and use Bing powered by ChatGPT instead, it will help my work and personal development projects too. Because I have noticed on Brave search a lot of things are lacking and it’s very useless.

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@Mashwishi Brave Search is actually doing their version of ChatGPT as well. It’s going around by just about all companies in the tech industry.

ni reset ko brave wallet ko may 60 BAT na laman haha kung di ko mapapakinabangan di rin dapat nila mapakinabangan to di ako engot na idodonate lang pinag hirapan ko hahaha

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