Now how to verify Brave Rewards in Vietnam region

Now how to verify Brave Rewards in Vietnam region. or is there any way to withdraw money from Brave Rewards to wallet?
Please help me. Thank

tipping in your relatives channel …


Basically you can’t do anything from your end.
You’ll be able to withdraw only when Brave allows Vietnam to connect again.
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lol sure. That could get you or his/her account flagged. Not sure though but there’s a possibility, always.

No. Rewards can’t go to Wallet, at least not directly. You’d have to move it to Uphold/Gemini first, which you can’t do because Vietnam is not a supported country by Brave. Not sure when or even if it will ever be supported again. Vietnam and Philippines were removed because of excessive fraud.

Could work. As long as not using the same Uphold/Gemini. But if you tip your own Creators, definitely is a risk of getting the Creators account suspended.

But not everyone cheats, so please reconsider this issue. It’s hard to ban the whole area because of cheaters

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