Brave Rewards Germany Alternative Withdrawal Methods

Since Uphold can no longer be linked to withdraw earned BAT in Germany. Is there any way to potentially transfer it into a Brave wallet or any other means of getting it out other than waiting and hoping one day Uphold will work in Germany again?



@jberes No, there’s no alternative methods at this time and there’s no ETA on when or if they will have more. It’s been more than a year of Brave working on trying to add new partners. They claim to have been working on getting new exchanges to be able to do business for over a year now, but unfortunately it’s been one issue after another that have caused delays.

In terms of sunsetting of vBAT, they had originally said it could happen as early as April. As I’m sure you can see, they have not yet done that. We will hopefully be getting more updates on that soon in terms of when it will happen. I think this has partially been delayed because they don’t want us to lose our vBAT if at all possible. The optimist in me is wanting to hope that it might be that they still have been working on building out API and finalizing things with a partner. However, they have not said anything to make us think that way.

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