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I just tried sending BATs to a website. However, the coins were not deducted on my account. If it’s a website that’s not registered on Brave’s Publisher list, do they not receive the BATs?

Do they get notified if a Brave User tries to send them BATs so they are encouraged to enroll in the publisher platform?

This is nice topic.I simply had a go at sending BATs to a site. Be that as it may, the coins were not deducted for me. So Thanks for sharing this topic.

Hi @marievd @hassaninfo214,

Can you share your Brave version and OS? Also, did your try the tipping feature or the auto-contribution?

You’re able to sent contribution to non-verified publishers. The contribution will be held in escrow wallet and Brave will contact the owner to claim their property. Or you can reach out and tell them to do verification.

If you want to only contribute to verified publishers, you can do that. Open Rewards page > Auto-contribute > Setting (menu under the switch) > Non verified publishers.



This is the version:

Version 0.56.12 Chromium: 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

However, as for sending BATs, I tried it again a couple of minutes ago, 10 BATs and it was not deducted on my account. So I’m guessing it wasn’t also sent to the unverified website. The tipping feature is what I actually used for this. After clicking “Send a Tip,” I just got a Thank You header, but nothing is really working.

Thanks for tge confirmation @marievd.

We’ve an open issue logged for this here

The team is working to fix it. Thanks for reporting.

Hello Brave Team,

I just want to update you today. The BATs have successfully been deducted from my account. I look forward to supporting this website!

Thanks for the hard work!

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