Brave Rewards en Android

Hola, soy usuario de Brave en el PC y tengo una cantidad de BATS, hace unos meses descargué en el movil este mismo navegador, sin embargo, no sé si sea posible sincronizar las recompensas ganadas en el movil con mi PC.
Ya inicié sesión en Uphold, sin embargo, no ho he podido que ambas recompensas esté sincronizadas.

can you plz explain me how catalog works and why I am seeing crypto related ads that are not at all relevant to my browsing style, how brave ad matching works ? Why I see 3-4 ads for an hour but after that no ads for hours? Sorry I am new to brave and hope that you can answer some of my questions

have a look to the following URL
and for how many ads u can see per hour is…… its max 5 but u can change from your icon (BRAVE REWARDS) and select ads setting .

why I saw 2 ads at morning but no ads now , whats the reason thank you for your reply

sometimes it happens to me also but no need to be worried it will be fine next day…

why does this happen , why it is not going how it is said in their website, is the problem from my side,
I see crypto related ads but I don’t browse them is brave matching system broken

I don’t know why u asking with the ads just watch the ads why u don’t want to see these ads .Does it cause any problem to u.
and other thing the companies which are advertising on brave are CRYPTO company … Some more advertising companies are there like LENOVO etc .
just have a look in the URL.


I don’t have any problem in seeing any ads but i wanted to know if brave claims that the ads you will be relevant to your browsing why it is not so , I happy I m even getting ads not related to me but the statement the company claims is totally false , no ads related to me

The link you are giving , I have already read it twice but some points are not clearly mentioned
, I think i should switch back to chrome

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