Brave rewards does not pay

Good morning, I want to report that from the month of August to the current month of December, brave rewards notifies me to make the payment month after month to my uphold account currently active and connected with brave, today I went to review my deposit history and I found With the news that since August 15, 2022, NOTHING IS DEPOSITED BY BRAVE, THE QUESTION IS? How many users will the same thing happen to them thinking and trusting in the BRAVE REWARDS DEPOSITS and when you look you don’t find anything, and that’s not ALL, THE BRAVE CREATORS PAYMENT IS NEVER PAID, THESE CASES ARE NOT SOLVED!! SIMPLY FALSE ILLUSIONS THAT THEY GIVE TO THEIR USERS AND AFFILIATED CREATORS AND I TAKE MYSELF AS AN EXAMPLE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MORE THAN TWO YEARS FOR A PAYMENT THAT SAYS TO ARRIVE MONTH AFTER MONTH BUT NO PAYMENT IS NEVER MADE. FINALLY, I DON’T KNOW HOW BRAVE HE IS!
I attach images:
Wallet - Brave 13_12_2023 8_09_59 a. m.

As you can see, Brave Creators does not make the payment effective, 2 years with this problem:
Brave Software Re_ payment in progress - - Gmail - Brave 9_11_2023 10_33_06 a. m.

It is already December and the payment has not been made and in the image above it said that it was for November
Brave Creators - Brave 13_12_2023 1_18_04 p. m.

I hope someone from brave speaks out, thanks.

Hello! You submitted a prior request to us and a solution was provided, but does not look like you followed up on the recommendation.

If you continue to have trouble please submit your issue here and we can investigate further.


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