Brave Rewards | Creators, can't login, emails never received

Who runs the Brave Rewards | Creators site ( ? How do I get tech support from the site administrators?

I am unable to login to my dashboard, as I am not being sent the login link to the email provided. It’s the correct email, I used it to set up this account and was able to login for a few days. Now, I go to the site, click “Log In”, provide my email, I’m given the message that a login email is on its way, then…… nothing.

I have done this multiple times over a couple days, I never receive a login email, and yes, I have checked my Spam folder (this is a Gmail account), and yes, I have confirmed this account is receiving email (successfully sent and received to it from another account). I have even tried using the login form in another browser (Safari).

Am I alone? Is everyone else getting the email login links? WHY is this email link the only way to log into the site?


I just emailed, asking for assistance. I was met with a “message undeliverable, no address found” reply by Gmail’s server.

That’s because you used, the email is Either way, you would have been met with an automated message telling you that email is only for suspensions. This is the correct place to get help with simply trying to log into your Creator account.

This happens from time to time and generally resolves itself shortly. Let me reach out to our Dev Ops team and ensure there is no service maintenance or outage at this time.

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Can you send me a DM with the email that you use to login to your Creator account?

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me too, it happend same to me i need help

Are you putting your email well?

Sorry for the delay in replying, I don’t have the login for this forum on my phone. I’ll DM Mattches my email as soon as I can.


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