I’m not receiving access link emails so I can’t log in to my creator account

Good day

As of today, whenever I request an access link to log in to my creator account the email doesn’t arrive. I’ve checked my spam/junk folders, promotion folders, etc. and the email does not appear anywhere.

This started happening today, as I mentioned above. I was able to log in normally just yesterday. It appears the problem is simply that I’m not being sent access emails.

Please help resolve this issue.


I am also having the same problem from a few hours ago.

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@steeven I just tested and I’m also having this issue. Went to sign in, put in email, it showed that A login email is on the way but then it’s not arriving in the email as usually does.

I clicked on the button that says `click here to try again and was told if still having issues, to send an email over to publishers@basicattentiontoken.org so I’m about to do that as well. Just wanted to tag you in on this as well.


Thanks for checking this out. I’m running into the same issue.
I’ll bring this to our team to see what might be happening.


Thanks all, our Lead Creators dev has found the issue and has reported it.


Following up on this thread.

Can you confirm if this is still an issue for you @Saoiray?

Just tested and email arrived. Was able to log in with no problems. Email came quick. @SaltyBanana

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@SaltyBanana @steeven i had this issue today. could you check it for me please .

my Email: hanoier1020@gmail.com

Thank you so much

+1 on this. It had been resolved but I just went to check once @kaiba mentioned but it seems to be the same issue.

No mail in spam/junk folder or in inbox.

Taking a look at the issue

Just a FYI. I just went to check my mail and I saw an email timestamped for 5:10. I had requested around 4:43pm or so. But only one email, where I had requested twice.

Also, I just tried to log in now, no email showing. At least wanted to advise one came, although delayed. And because time passed, it didn’t do me any good.

And emails I requested same time as my last post just came in. So requested around 5:53pm and arrived in email at 6:13pm. So there is a delay, but they seem to be processing now.

@kaiba can you see if the situation is the same for yourself? Did email arrive much later?

Thanks for confirming.

Following up if there is still a delay with the requests? Our team is looking into the issue why is this is happening :thinking:

Umm, I tried it right away and a link popped through instantly. But then I went ahead and closed out and tried again, no link came through. So not sure if that first one was a fluke?

I’ll try again in like 10-15 minutes.

Ok, so just tried again and it went through immediately. So seeming to work well overall.

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