Brave creators login problem


I do apologies if I didn’t post in the correct place but I’m having some issues with the Brave Creators login. I usually login in my account daily 4-5 times. I always receive the login email back to my email so I can login, but for the last 2 hours I tried like 20 times to login but NO email arrived. Checked spam/junk folder too. Please I need some help to solve this. I have check this community forum and for another user it said that he unsubscribed and that’s why he wasn’t receiving the email, but I haven’t unsubscribed or something like that !

Please help !!


@Asad @dan_brave sorry to tag you but I’m really nervous and don’t know what to do. Thank you

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Anyone? Please adive, I don’t know what to do! I tried multiple times to login again but no login email is received. It says that the email is on it’s way but nothing, since last night i cannot login!! Did anyone had this problem?

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Really?!?!? Nobody ?? This post has 45 views and none can help? No admins online? I’m getting crazy here thinking I might lose 700BAT and nothing, no answer, no help nothing ?!?!?!?!


@marinescu88 - i have checked the logon and everything is fine from my side, emaik received in few seconds

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In my case I didn’t receive nothing, I tried from my phone, pc, diferent browser. Restart pc, restart router, nothing… I’m getting crazy :frowning: I have search the forum and I found another similar case witch was resolved but the admins, but no one is answering me :frowning:

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Check your spam box in your mail

I have tried all of the usual methods , nothing check everything and double checked

No admins that can help me? @steeven I know you help another member with this issue . Help :frowning:

Hi @marinescu88 - I can help. Please DM me the email linked to your account.

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