Brave Rewards Always Show Two Months From Now as Next Payment Date and No Payments to Uphold

Hello, I have raised this issue about two weeks ago, got a single response that I should send browser version/OS version/wallet details via a DM and after that I haven’t gotten any single response despite requesting it a few times. So, sorry for reposting this but there seems like no other way to get support. Also my other topic got unlisted probably because another user came in and kept asking for when his payments are going to be made (which strangely got response from support staff and I didn’t in my own topic)

Here is the summary of my issue:
“I have been using Brave for almost a year and in the beginning what I earned from the rewards were transferred to my Uphold account monthly. For the last few months, my earnings are shown on Brave rewards, my Uphold account still seems connected, yet earnings keep piling up with no transfer to Uphold. I think the reason is this strange thing: the “next payment date” always shows two months from now (currently December 6, which should be November 6) and it was November 6 until the 6th of October, which should have been October 6. And if it keeps going like this, on November 6 my next payment date will be January 6, and I won’t be able to get anything on my Uphold account again. I am adding a screenshot below that shows my next payment date, which should have been November 6”

in case these are needed (I should also mention the issue carries on with every new Brave version):

Brave 1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 002668237e13d38aabd6d11c2d216dd22b736ff2-refs/branch-heads/4240@{#1229}
OS Windows 10 OS Version 2004 (Build 19041.572)

also a screenshot of the rewards page:

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Hi @braille,

Thank you for following up. I don’t see a DM history with your account, but can help to address your issue here. In the past, have you successfully received any payment to your Uphold wallet from this device? Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your wallet?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @steeven, thanks for responding. I am not sure why my DMs weren’t seen by you, I can still see them in the Sent tab but it doesn’t matter now since you can help me here.

Yes I have received payments from Rewards to my uphold months for the first few months. I have just tried disconnecting and reconnecting my wallet but it still shows December 6 as my next payment.

Thanks for the additional info @braille. I’ve filed an issue with the team to review.

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Thanks @steeven, I will be waiting for a solution for this.

Hello, I have a similar problem, I started receiving BAT at the beginning of the year, but suddenly after a synchronization with my phone, there was a problem and I stopped receiving BAT payments. When the payment date arrives, there is no payment and so on for months. So I deactivated my wallet and opened a second profile, that one is working, but it doesn’t have the same payment history.

Thanks for the suggestion @viscosity, if no solution comes from the support, I might do this as well, but I believe this could be fixed with a patch without the need to do that, it seems like a wrongly hard-coded date calculation within the browser is causing this and if that is fixed it should be resolved.

@steeven, is there an update for this issue or is there a link where I can follow to check the progress of the support team on this? If not, I guess in just a couple of days my browser will update the payment date as 6th of January instead of 6th of December and I won’t get the monthly payment to my wallet again, as it happened for the last few months.

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