No Payment to Uphold - Brave Rewards Always Show Two Months From Now as Next Payment Date

**Description of the issue:**I have been using Brave for almost a year and in the beginning what I earned from the rewards were transferred to my Uphold account monthly. For the last few months, my earnings are shown on Brave rewards, my Uphold account still seems connected, yet earnings keep piling up with no transfer to Uphold. Also, a strange thing is happening: the “next payment date” always shows two months from now (currently December 6) and it was November 6 until two days ago, which should have been October 6 I guess. And if it keeps going like this, on November 6 my next payment date will be January 6, and I won’t be able to get anything on my Uphold account again. I am adding a screenshot below that shows my next payment date, which should have been November 6

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Win10 Version 1.14.84

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