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What’s happening with Brave ads? I didn’t receive my January bats yet! They were supposed to arrive to my account yesterday but nothing came.
And, Brave ad was giving us before yesterday 0.25 Bat for each ad. Yesterday no ads at all and today Brave is giving us 0.01 Bat for their ads!!! What’s wrong??

are you a verified user? if it is, your safe so don’t worry. if your unverified your in the same boat as me. All January rewards are gone and the first February earning are the same. there’s no claim and all we could do is donate it to creators which brave team encourage to do or wait for April and see for yourself its back to zero

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I wasn’t verified before you asked me. I verified myself and I freaked out when I saw my account reset and empty. But I don’t know exactly how or what happened, all my Bats just came back to my account. I’m verified now and I didn’t loose any of my Bats and I can see again a message saying that my January Bats are on the way! THANK YOU Brave.

This will show why it’s this way, I guess. You will do receive vBAT for Jan. The payments are still processing so wait till they complete.

Thank you. All set. I just receive them. (I meant happy thank you with my caps in my earlier reply) :slight_smile:

Hi all. Any infomation on the ads problem? When I get an add now all I get is 0.01 BAT rather than the usual 0.25? I’m verified over 4 months and this is the first time I’ve seen this. I made 9.1 BAT for last month but haven’t got it yet? Thanks…

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@CyberWizard and @Chantys It’s nothing new, you just haven’t paid much attention. Check out reply I had to someone with similar question.

Well in now my 5th month getting ads, I’ve never got 0.01 for an ad. Some give 0.10 for pop up ad, and 0.25 for a new tab ad, never in 5 months have I seen 0.01, which is virtually useless and pointless. Just saying. But I am grateful for past months.

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0.01 for my last 5 ads, which have taken 10 hours to get lol.

I highly doubt that’s true. We don’t have anything to show how much we earn from each ad that we’ve seen. The only way you can know ad values is to hope to pay attention to what balance was before seeing an ad and then shortly after or to view based on in which case you should have been seeing that there are potential ads there to show.

Also, in terms of lower amounts in the past, it’s been discussed many times. For example, here are links from 2021 below:

I have been using Brave for about 4 years now. So just telling you how it works.

I’m hardly lying LOL, I watch what each ad gives me although I know it’s estimated. It has always been 0.10 for pop up and 0.25 for new tab. That’s in my experience. I’ve earned 39 BAT in 4 months, by earned the above for each ad.

Now, I respect the fact you know far more than I do, so if it changes, it changes, that’s fine. After all, I was only asking. So it is what it is and I accept it. But don’t call me a liar, it’s not nice to told you’re a liar. Roll on BAT Brigade :wink:

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Probably something to do with the pump, my 39 BAT was worth 6 euro, and now it’s double :laughing:

I never said you were lying. I did say that the mention you never had ads for less is likely wrong and explained why. Again, doesn’t mean you’re lying. It just means that I’m saying you may have missed something or came to a conclusion just based on what you personally observed over time.

I tried showing where older conversations exist where people noticed the rates. The issue here is that Brave doesn’t show how much BAT we earned per ad. This is something I’ve requested of them before but it’s not been done. This can lead people to come to misunderstandings such as may have happened here.

I say this because I srated at 0. Then I watch my estimated earning go up per ad, so all I see is 0.10 pop up and 0.25 per new tab. No other observation was made and watched every single ad.

My first month my estimated earnings was 7.5 BAT, and I was awarded 15 BAT. Second month was 6.5 BAT and was awarded 12 BAT, my 3rd month was similar, then this month I earned 9.1 BAT and was awarded 10 BAT lol. Crazy how it works, but 50 BAT in 4 months is not bad. But the way this month is starting, I’ve already 3.80 BAT but 10 ads ago I was 3.70, when normally that would’ve been over 5 BAT, so I not going to make as much as previous months. But hey, it is what it is.

It’s never double until you sell it. Price keeps changing.
1 BAT is worth 1 BAT. The moment you sell it is worth the price of the market at that moment.

Not necessarily true. It’s just one of the unspoken things about Brave. For example:

19 BAT or so BAT that I was supposed to receive, right?

However, what I received:

New Tab - Brave 2_8_2023 18_14_38

Brave does random bonuses to Users. Usually it goes to people who have been using Brave for a long time, but not always the case. So it could be possible that @CyberWizard really did get more than what had been shown in Estimated Earnings.

Reason why Brave doesn’t like to speak about it is because when it comes up, suddenly tons of people like to complain. “How come they got a bonus and I didn’t?” And also the, “how are bonuses triggered?” Where suddenly everyone tries to learn what to do, especially for those who are looking to abuse the system.

While it goes unspoken, it happens and you might get lucky. Eventually if people want to talk on it a lot and too many complaints come up, then I’m sure Brave will do away with it. As a result, I remind people it’s more of the “unspoken” and shouldn’t be brought up much. Not like it’s a huge secret or can’t be discussed. It’s just that it never does any good to bring up often or to many people, as it just incites people to argue and complain.

@Saoiray it is not what I meant.

What I meant is that the value of BAT is worthless as far as you keep your BAT. The real value is the moment you sell it.

Today 1 BAT is worth 0.25USD. Tomorrow it is worth 0.50USD. Did I get the double? No, I didn’t because I did not sell it. What I have is still 1 BAT.

I only meant, it doubled as I got 15 BAT when my earnings said 7.5 BAT. So 7.5 is all I was expecting.

Also, my 39 BAT was 6 euro, then it was 12, so it doubled value over the month. Of course next month could be 6 euro again.

Remember I said I was getting 0.10 for pop up ad and 0.25 for new tab ad? Well now I get 0.01 for new tab ad, and 0.50 for pop up ad LOL. Pop up ads are very rare tho. So as it stands, I have to get 25 new tab ads to get the same amount for 1 new tab ad I’ve been getting the last 4 months. CRAZY…


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