Brave Restore (Must Read Important For Everyone)

Brave did not restore all my pages when I clicked on restore when I shutdown my laptop. I want "Brave’’ to automatically save a restore for all my pages and I want their to be a button to restore all my pages, I want brave to automatically save all my pages so I don’t have to worry about them being lost, I’m so frustrated because I’m not sure If I’m missing 1 page or not I had to remember from the back of my head to find all the missing pages that brave didn’t help me with, it would be kindly appreciated if brave added this feature where it automatically saves all your pages and a button to restore all the pages too.

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I think usually there is a small box that appears in the top-right corner, which you can click to restore your tabs. However, there is also another option:

History -> “Recently Closed” section -> X Tabs -> Restore All Tabs

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There’s no restore option’s in history or recently closed section…

I’m guessing you are talking when Settings -> Get started -> On startup -> “Continue where you left off” is enabled, and your tabs disappear for some reason when you open Brave. In this case:

History tab (browser tab)-> “Recently Closed” section (after Home, Back, Forward) -> X Tabs -> Restore All Tabs

(“X Tabs” and then “Restore All Tabs” will be listed when multiple tabs are closed all at once, like when they disappear.)