Brave publisher, I did not get paid for september

I added my uphold account to my brave publishers account before august and then I was told I did not get paid for august because I just added the uphold account, so I patiently waited for the September payout till today September 25th I did not receive any payments, nothing seems to be wrong with my account, uphold is linked, profile is completed e.t.c. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there anything I can do. (also I have not received any payment since I created the brave account)
Thanks, any help will be appreciated.


You’re not alone! I have a couple of queries out there patiently waiting on a response about this too, one about my publisher payment and another about ads not appearing, or when they do, not being verified advertisers (even though they are).


Hello @cyberdon012 @Thrive. You must send all the requirements to @steeven so he can help you solve your rewards and payments issues. He is currently helping me to solve the same problem :wink:

Thanks Gabriel. Already did that 3 days ago. I understand @steeven is busy so waiting patiently, was just letting cyberdon know there are others, not alone! :slight_smile:

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