I didn't get paid and got paid less insane BRAVE!

I haven’t received my brave publisher payout for two months… and I had earned 3 BAT from Brave Rewards but only 0.25 BAT came to my uphold account… THIS IS A BIG CHEAT… @steeven @Mattches
The Brave rewards area shows that 3.5 BAT is credited to my uphold account… But only 0.25 BAT is credited…
Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 11.41.03 AM

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Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks.

My Uphold Account Email: hamsaravi670@gmail.com
My Brave creators email: vhs03072003@gmail.com

@Varun2003 - the above screenshot is of your ads. Are you referring to ads or pubs payout? Thanks.

Please check my DM and reply to it!.

@steeven I am referring to both. In Publishers payout . I didnt get paid 6.75BAT from past 2months. and in Rewards I got paid very less like 0.25 BAT. whereas my estimated earnings is 3.5BAT as you can see in screenshot. It is not deposited in My uphold. It just shows up in brave browser

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