I am publisher,i am not receive my payment Today is 9 June.....help me everyone?

brave fake or Real tell me guys?frown

Hello Guys i am Rohima !:disappointed_relieved:
i am publisher,i am not receive my payment Today is 9 June,
I have worked real here,my uphold or youtube all verify,Will I be given a payment?


tampoco me pagan y no me responden me ignoran

same with me, i also haven’t recieved payment in my uphold account.

Mee to… Wait until 11:59pm

Sama bang, saya juga ga nerima payment

me neither customer support is not replying also. I hope they start caring about publishers

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Dudes Wait the payment will be on batches I hope depends on country as well

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My friend got the payment 5hours ago and i am still waiting.

Hello Rohima ! Repeatedly posting on threads won’t resolve the Issue ! Pls be patient soon BAT will shipped on your uphold ! Thanks for understanding!

Im waiting too… the time now in my country is 7:00pm of june 9… My wife receive her payment at 4:00pm today

I only received payment on 8th April, but since then I have not receive any payment for the month of 8th May and , 8th June , Although I have earned enough BAT token in brave account??? please help me out

I have the same problem my last payment is from April… we need help.

You all should wait a little longer as the payment is still being sent.

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One question, did you have BAT available in your brave rewards for the month of May?

Same, they said will be distributed if u r not cheating, this is sunday or weekend so just give a little bit time for their

FYI: Account is not under reviews, uphold account is connected since March 2019 and I have collected enough BAT token in publisher account. do you need anything else
April 8th Payment : Received
May 8th Payment : Not Received
June 8th Payment : Not Received

Yes i have sice may, june… still no recibed …

I have the same problem…

It is now June 10 in Asia, I have not received any payment, please help, I am owed approximately over 200 BAT
Thank you

I just received about two thirds of it, thanks very much!