Brave Profile with bats disappeared

Hello I had a profile with verified uphold account and bats but today when i opened my browser i’ve noticed that my bats went from about 3k to 0.180 bat and my verified wallet got deleted. It shows its created today even though i didn’t do anything. I don’t know why it happened. Can someone help me to recover my wallets and bats? Thx.

Wallet created: 04/11/2021, 06:39:57 PM

Balance info

Total balance 0 BAT

Rewards BAT: 0 BAT

Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT

External wallet info

Wallet status: Not connected

I just wonder if it is possible to recover my profile through uphold wallet id?

still waiting for answer. My verified account got deleted for no reason and I lost my bats.

Hi, @benjk, is your region Philippines by chance?

No. I had my bats transferred into my uphold before. The issue is not regional. It’s simply a bug that caused me to lose my bats. It’s suddenly gone when i opened my profile and my profile wallet id changed despite not deleting or changing anything. I don’t know why.

Do you use multiple profiles? Maybe you’re signed into a different profile. The wallets are different for each, not synced.

Edit: Have you reinstalled your OS or Brave, done any reformatting?

I have 4 profiles connected to my uphold. All of them had Wallet Verified tab unlike the one profile i posted below. It got changed into “Verify Wallet” and my bats are all gone.

Edit: I didn’t install or uninstall anything in my PC.


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Have you tried to log into your Uphold account?

And if you have, did you see any deposits of BAT made, anytime from the 8th?

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