Brave prints only partial web page

Description of the issue:
When I attempt to print a web page, only one printed page is produced. This happens when printing to my printer and when saving to a PDF file.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Display a long web page.
  2. Start the print dialog using any method.
  3. Notice that the entire web page is not included in the preview.

Expected result:
The entire web page should be included in the preview and subsequently printed. (But, if something is selected, then print only the selection.)

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v1.52.126 (Jun 14, 2023)

I would have copied/pasted the above text, but it’s not selectable.

Additional Information:

if you select text, it will only print that, you are selecting the text, I see it from here.
Anyway, click on More Settings and play with some settings to fit the printing better with the margins and how many pages per page and all that.

The printing inside Chromium, will kind of use the HTML elements and move the elements around, doesn’t just take a screenshot of the page and then gives you the ‘image’ to print.
So depending on websites you need to modify the Scale to make it look fine and fit more elements around and all that, because some elements won’t be able to be moved or resized and then they will get cut off.
Then changing the orientation, paper size matters and margins matters, or how you can fit more pages in a single printing sheet.

if you want something better, I guess the only alternative is to take screenshots and print them. the problem is the page will get influenced if you have auto dark mode on or not and all that. But technically you could modify the CSS with adblocker and make it just like what Printing does by removing all graphics and all that.
But Devtools offers more than just ‘select area’ screenshots
Devtools (F12) → ctrl+shift+P → type screenshot then you can select node printing or full size screenshot.

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