Brave PDF viewer

@Mattches @SaltyBanana Brave pdf icon looks blurry and it doesn’t even have a pdf icon!
Brave vs. Edge Icons

A nice simple pdf editor like Edge would be very much appreciated. I have to use Edge for that,which is very inconvenient.

@anujkmr953 I think #macos tag is not applicable here. I could be wrong, but in my opinion the majority of macOS users use Preview to edit PDF files. I at least try to make the most of the applications that come by default on macOS.

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I put that tag due to continuity in feature. If windows version has that feature then all version should have that…because that’s brave and it should be same looking everywhere. Nothing serious here but thank you for taking a look at this :slightly_smiling_face:

From your post for me is clear that PDF files appear with Brave icon because Brave is defined to open by default PDF files in your OS. However, Brave has no PDF editor and in my opinion is a feature that I don’t need and that I don’t even want it.

Everybody has their preference and need. I am a student so I need simple highlighting tool and opening any hypertext from the pdf is easy when the pdf is opened in a browser(That’s why Brave is currently my default pdf opener). A heavy editor just for pdf highlighting is not suited for me. Switching apps i.e. any pdf editor and browser when I am reading and researching something is hectic and confusing and trust me Edge is best out there when it comes to simple edits.

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