Better PDF viewer

I feel like adding a better pdf viewer would really solidify brave’s position as the default browser for me personally.
For example, edge chromium has pretty much the best pdf viewer in my honest opinion due to it’s smoothness and speed long with features.
The viewer on brave lacks basic smoothness and lags quite a bit just like chrome does and unlike edge chromium or firefox.
I generally user browsers for pdf viewing since they they are already open in the background and opening a new tab takes less time and resources than using a standalone app like adobe acrobat to view a pdf.

Maybe, PDF.js from Mozilla could be integrated instead.

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Yes this is a required feature and should be added soon in Brave. Edge does better in pdf viewing but Brave is in constant development so maybe It gets these features soon.

I’ve been using brave as the default browser for the most part of the year and recently saw myself forced to install adobe acrobat reader.