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So recently my Samsung Galaxy was upgraded to Android 13. Since the update. I’m unable to view my stored passwords. When I go to passwords. All accounts and passwords are listed. However, when I click to view the passwords nothing happens? Is this a known issue with Android 13.

My other questions. What permissions are necessary for passwords to work?

@lexfridman Hi and welcome to the community.

Just want to confirm you are clicking on the “eye” icon and nothing happens, correct? See example below from a previous post. I do not know anything about Android phones and do not know if the display is the same for phones vs desktops. Just wanted to clarify.

Mattches Apr '21

You have to click on the “eye” icon in brave://settings/passwords to view the passwords you’ve stored:

I do not know anything about Android phones so really can’t help. I ran across an older post that may be related that has yet to be resolved. Thought I would post it for your review.

The post had troubling shooting steps that you may want to try to see if your issue returns the same results and post an update. If you are getting the same results, you may want to comment on the GitHub issue report linked in the post to indicate you too are experiencing a problem with passwords and provide a link to this topic.

Good luck and take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here a link to a screen recording showing the issue. Better visual then me explaining. Usually I can go into my passwords. Edit them or delete. When I click an account/passwords. Brings me back out to the main page again?

@Mattches @Serg This looks like a similar problem as described (along with other issues) in the topic I linked above. Posting again for ease of access: App stopped working when trying to access passwords. Can you please review and confirm and add as a +1 to the issue report ( if you think it is related. Thank-you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@lexfridman I think your issue is related to the linked topic which does not have a solution at this time. Specifically the bit quoted below:

Also, can you please check brave://crashes and see if you have any crash report ids and post them if you do.

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:grinning: Yes similar issue! Thank you. Sorry I didn’t find the navigation easy to use or finding similar issue easy to find. HA

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I confirm. Also not sure where or how to add +1 like you are referring too! My apologies as this is the first time I’ve had an issue.

No problem. I tagged a couple of Brave employees who will add it if they deem necessary.

Brave Github is where the Brave development team tracks issues that may be occurring with the various releases. Generally, if an issue is identified, Brave team members, or a registered end-user, will post a “+1” and a link to the topic in a comment to the issue report. This gives developers an idea of how wide-spread the problem is and/or access to additional information that may help resolve the issue. Hope this explains things a little better!

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@lexfridman Quick favor, could you check what Chocoholic mentioned earlier and type in brave://crashes on your search/url bar? Curious if you actually see anything or if it is going to be blank.

I know according to Github that Chocoholic shared, they haven’t been able to replicate it yet. So all the extra information that can be gathered is very helpful.

I’ll add the +1 if Chocoholic doesn’t. As they said, at least they tagged the right people so it doesn’t matter much. But by putting a +1 by replying on their issue, it just helps to show that it’s still an ongoing issue and someone else has reported it. So I’ll end up linking to this. I just want to confirm if yours is actually crashing and if we can get any report ID from it if they have, as will help when referencing.


The presence (or absence) of crash ids would definitely help. I could have added the +1 but since you haven’t mentioned crashing, I thought it was prudent to let a Brave employee decide to add the reference or not! I may be overly cautious but I wanted to avoid adding extraneous information. :slight_smile:

If you aren’t getting any crash ids, you may want to see if you can cause a crash by repeatedly trying to access passwords until a notification pops as with the OP in the other topic.

If I do this several times, I get notification that Brave keeps stopping and Brave will close on me.

Please post results whether successful or not. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Im giving up some privacy to send app diagnostic info. ha Vulnerability? :thinking:

@lexfridman Hey, appreciate that. Just one little thing have to get you to do. You will see in your screenshot that they all have a Send Now button. That means they haven’t been sent to Brave. And since not sent, there’s no Crash Report ID. If you could go that one step further to Send Now and then share again, would be all the info needed.

Haha, and yeah, it’s saying you have it disabled. If hitting Send Now doesn’t work, you may need to go to SettingsBrave Shields & PrivacyAutomatically send diagnostic reports

And yeah, it’s a pain in the butt sometimes. But sometimes certain types of data has to be shared in order to figure out the origin of a problem. The data provided is nothing personal and would just be enough to see what happened when it crashed, such as if it was a memory error or something else. This just helps narrow down the area to search to find the “needle in a haystack.”

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All good. I like troubleshooting and solving problems. I’m pretty sure I uploaded a log to Github

My phone was wanting to send Brave in a deep sleep. Battery issue detected?

Meh, that’s just Samsung. What it does is if there’s any app that runs frequently, it likes to put apps to sleep. Basically, exiting out of the app entirely until you need to open it again. It’s a feature to help save your battery. If you do that, I think it might limit the amount of ad notifications you receive though. Don’t quote me on that though, as uncertain.

Ahhh yeah I kinda figured something along those lines! ha. I appreciate all your help. Hopefully we can find the problem, then apply solution. :slight_smile:

Okay. Well, if you end up having Crash Report ID that will to provide, so they can actually narrow down and look up yours in particular. But if you don’t have it, should be okay. They’ll hopefully figure it out based on reports sent about now.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to go ahead and +1 this over at

Ok sounds good. I did upload some reports to Github if everything worked correctly. Thanks again…I"m signing off for now. Ciao

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