Brave on iPhone?

Help. I downloaded brave 3 times it seems like i doesn’t work on iphones?

Attempting downloads at:


Meaning, you view that on your iPhone (presumeably with Safari) . . . and then you use the iPhone App Store application to locate and Get Brave iOS?

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@289wk is correct – you should be able to download/install Brave on your iOS device from the AppStore directly.

Brave iOS at AppStore

May help: How to restart your iPhone:

I have downloaded it on my iphone and cant use the app because there is nothing avaliable, i got one reward to see but later i have nothing when i go to my site. Do i need to use a computer or something?

This i can no see? And if i watch a reward i dont get a reward its really wierd

iOS based Apple devices are no longer supported (my own choice of wording) by Brave Rewards — because Apple objected. About that, see:

Legacy Wallet Info (Invalid) - #16 by rosiecar

So, you will need to use Brave Browser on your computer - instead of on your iPhone.

Wooow… okej tnx then