Legacy Wallet Info (Invalid)


I recently restored my wallet with my recovery key due to my computer dying. I wanted to transfer a balance to the desktop wallet from IOS however, teh scan QR gives me an error:


Connection Error:
The Brave Rewards server did not respond. please try again in a moment (1)

When i look in the “Rewards Internals” on brave on my iphone, i can see a Valid wallet and my legacy wallet which says invalid"

Key Info Seed: Invalid
Wallet Creation Date: 01/01/1970
Has Transferrable balance: Yes

Please could you advise as to how i can recover the legacy wallet funds to transfer to the desktop wallet


Anyone know what to do?


I have the same issue… been waiting forever to transfer iOS wallet🤦🏼‍♂️… any word from developers on this yet?

No update from anyone at Brave yet. They don’t seem to respond much on the forum.

@syn3rgy @DADMAN The time for transferring iOS accounts is over. It ended on 28 May after months of announcements and reminders.

I tried to do it on and off for a long time now, it always said server error🤷‍♂️

yeah… kind of think we have been “screwed” out of BAT that was in there…

@steeven Is there anything that can be done for iOS users at this point?

Sorry, just saw your other reply. I tried quite a few times before end of May and like @DADMAN , got the same issues.

Any update on this please ?

I’ve already tagged @steeven . Tagging @Mattches , @GreenBananaPorridge , and @SaltyBanana . Hopefully one of them can give you more information.

guessing non of the others ever reply.

There are VERY few Brave staff and THOUSANDS of users requesting help (plus hundreds more just complaining and whining, taking up valuable staff time). Please be patient.

Will be patient and by no means whinging so will wait to see if I get answered

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It’s been 22 days so writing here to keep this post from automatically closing. Out of curiosity, what is the general wait time to get some sort of answer as it’s been over 2 months ?


Send a DM to @Mattches. He was the one previously handling the iOS transfers.

Please see the following thread for instructions on how to move forward with this issue:

THank you @Mattches - just sent the info to you.

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