ManagedBookmarks with Registry File

I work for a school district where we are deploying Brave as our default web browser on all devices. I’d like to also push out some policies as we did with Chrome, but we moved to AzureAD & Intune over the summer, so Group Policy isn’t going to work.

Using both Brave’s and Google’s deployment guides I’ve been able to successfully deploy several of the rules I’d like to implement, but not the managed bookmarks that I need to deploy so staff and students can easily find commonly used sites.

Even trying to deploy the default field values isn’t working for me. Here are my file contents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“ManagedBookmarks”="[{“toplevel_name”: “My managed bookmarks folder”}, {“name”: “Google”, “url”: “”}]"

Any help getting to the bottom of this would be greatly appreciated.


I test my file with Chrome and it works perfectly, telling me that this isn’t quite working as intended with Brave. I will submit a bug report and/or feature request.

If anyone knows of another way to implement this in the meantime, that would be very helpful.


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