Brave not sending rewards to Uphold, did not receive June or July rewards

Title sums it up nicely, haven’t received June, July or August (I know according to the site it is pending) rewards. Anyone else have this issue with Uphold and Brave, and if so how did you get it resolved?


@dcolthar First thing I’ll say is Search Before Posting because you’d have seen people sharing about similar issues, but you’d also see what they were told to do to be resolved.

In fact, you might have even seen the pinned FAQ that I linked to above. From there, you would even have seen instructions listed, such as you see Missing Rewards BAT payment

In any case, you get it resolved by creating a Rewards Support Ticket at

Look, I’ve been sending messages and opening a ticket since May and the truth is 0 response always the same as the month that comes, it’s solved and now it turns out that I appear marked and I have more than 10 bats pending since May and always the same response I opened a ticket, the truth is now Tired of excuses and 0 solutions

By marked, you mean flagged, I suppose. Raise the ticket at the form Saoiray has shared.

very clear brave turnt into scam app , stealing from users and advertisers with false accusations

Hello! It looks like you created multiple tickets into the wrong queue. The last ticket submitted was done correctly and I see a recent response. Thanks!

Everyone in this thread has been reached out to recently. Closing out. Thanks!