Can’t print or pay

Hay, just download Brave on my PC. But I can’t pay tickets and I can’t download my flight ticket. I made the payment whit my I Phone but can not print…

Hi @Johan3,

Welcome to community! Can you give a but more info.

What OS and Brave version are you running? What is the site that’s not working?

oooo Thank you very much for answering! My laptop is 7 years old and probably works with Windows 10, I think. are there multiple versions of Brave ??? Everything works fine, look up etc. But I can’t save anything or make payments. Firewall? When I open the tab at the top, nothing works, printing, saving etc.

Can you send a screenshot of what it looks like when you open a tab to print and pay?

I cannot send you a photo, there is nothing to see! After choosing my plane ticket, I came to the last page: pay. After giving all my credit card, the page “pay” came and I klick on it and nothing happens. I try this 4 times and every time “pay” and nothing happens. Ditto when I want to print a document, nothing happens !!! Finally I had to order the ticket with Mn gsm and Google

A request is probably being blocked by Shields – try opening your Shields panel (lion icon in address bar) and using the main toggle (top right) to run Shields off (this will only effect this site) and then try to submit payment for your tickets again.

Wonderful I’ll try that later !!!

I have found settings

but I do not see a “run shilds off” button anywhere. I send you some pictures of what I did find …

You would need to open your Shields panel on the site in which you’re trying to pay or print from. Further, you do not need to click on any of the trackers specifically – observe the image below:

Use the main toggle as shown above to disable Shields for the site.

When I click on the lion’s head in the search bar, nothing happens. Nothing opens. When I click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right, I cannot open anything there, only settings I can open

You need to open the Shields panel (lion icon) while you’re on the site in question. So navigate to the site first before clicking the icon.

I think I found it !!! Thanks :pray: I

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