Brave not giving me april monthly reward

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Description of the issue:
I was supposed to get 60.455 bat for the April 5 payout (built up over months because never claimed). I did not get my proper payout
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. use Brave with ads enabled
  2. wait for payout
  3. don’t get what I’m supposed to

Expected result:
receive 60.455
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
samsung galaxy s10 (canada) SM-G973W
Additional Information:
can provide additional information upon request

Hi, @GrunclePug, can you tell me, have you got a verified Uphold account, and if yes, has BAT ported to it successfully before, or would this have been the first time? If you don’t have a verified Uphold account, was there no claim button that you saw?

I have a verified wallet on my pc but my phones wallet isn’t verified yet as I haven’t reached 25 bat. I have clicked claim but often times it just sits there and does nothing so I close it. that is why it has built up. as of recently I let it sit for about 10 mins and it finally “claimed”, adding the bat to my pending screen. I was then waiting for the payout so it would be deposited into my bat wallet so I can verify and move it to my uphold wallet but the issue is, I am not receiving the bat that it said I should be


Could we clarify: some of the BAT moved, and some of it didn’t; and you want it all there to verify the Uphold… is this right?

I’m not sure why all the BAT didn’t transfer to your browser wallet. There is a known issue right now with BAT porting to Uphold. Support is working on a fix, and you should follow the thread for any status updates on this, in case you are/ will be affected by it.

For this left-behind BAT, you can try force-stopping the browser app, clear the cache (not the data), then restart the browser and see if it shifts the BAT,

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the issue is my phones wallet is currently not verified so it is just using the built in wallet in the browser. i received 1.75 bat, bringing me to 16.5 bat total. I was supposed to receive 60.455, not 1.75. it has nothing to do with my personal uphold wallet yet as I cannot verify it and connect it until my phone gets up to 25 bat. what I’m trying to figure out is how to go about getting the rest of the bat that was owed to me.

Support posted information on the April 2021 payout process thread, @GrunclePug, in the case of some issue, and I think you’ll meet the checklist. Please have a read here…

…the checklist is the first half, and the second half has instructions on what information you need to include in your DM to steeven.

This is not an immediate process, so you’ll have to be patient. If some time has passed and you would like to check in on the status, please use the same DM thread with steeven - sending multiple DMs can slow down the support process of everyone.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

thank you very much, I have gone through the checklist and dmed steeven.

hopefully I can get this resolved :crossed_fingers:

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Those are estimated bats which are wildly inaccurate sometimes, theyre not claimed bats in your browser wallet

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I haven’t received any rewards to Uphold in 6 months. Have added Brave to multiple machines and have a verified account. Starting to question this platform. Been a big supporter for 3-4 years now.

i had the same issue. i force stopped the app and restarted it and it all came back

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Yes, this is great news… it’s too bad it doesn’t work for everyone :sweat_smile:

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